Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Kerry Lucas

Kerry Lucas,

crafter, creator of knitting patterns and author of A Year in Woolly WondersA Woollyful Christmas and Worn and Wild.

Kerry’s love of crafting started when she was young, spending hours learning to knit with her nan. At the same time she developed a love of the countryside and all the wonderful creatures that inhabit it. Growing up she spent many hours walking through woodland in both Germany and the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Now her own children are preparing to leave school and embark on their own journey through life, Kerry has combined her love of knitting and the countryside to create the patterns for her wonderful woodland creature keepsakes.

As well as writing the patterns, Kerry makes the creatures to sell both on-line and at craft fairs, as well as using them as the basis for the designs on a collection of greetings cards and postcards.

To find out more about Kerry’s work, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy and Ravelry