Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Show Licence Costs

Performance licence charges.

All performances are subject to a licence fee, even if you are not charging for tickets. The relevant page for each show will list a licence code. Corresponding costs are detailed below.

Note – we reserve the right to modify these charges at any time and without notice, although once a licence has been agreed the costs for that licence will not change.

Code £ 2023 onwards Comments
A £25 per performance Extracts / Readings
B £38 per performance Fully staged performance – Amateur
C Based on venue capacity:
0-50           £40
51-100       £50
101-150     £60
151-200     £70
201-250     £80
251-300     £90
300+          £100
Fully staged performance – Amateur

Subject to a minimum charge of 3 performances
D % of box office Individually negotiated / Professional