Thursday, May 23, 2024



We are currently accepting submissions of work for consideration for publication in 2023/2024 in the following categories:

  • Children’s books – CLOSED
  • Young Adult – CLOSED
  • Craft Books – CLOSED
  • Plays – OPEN
  • Pantomimes – OPEN
  • Poetry – CLOSED
  • Novels – CLOSED

Please note, we currently only accept submissions from UK based authors.

Submitting your work to

When submitting work to us for consideration, please follow the procedure shown below.

  • Include a synopsis of the work detailing main theme, genre, type of work (novel, play etc)
  • Include your contact details
  • Submit a sample of the work (e.g. a few chapters of a novel, a few pages/scenes for a play) initially. If we wish to investigate further we will ask for more information.
  • Submit the work either as a PDF document or MS Word document. We do not require any particular formatting of the text, but please ensure the font size is sufficiently large to be easily readable.
  • email your submissions to

Please note that we can be very busy at times so it could be a while before you here back from us. If we wish to consider taking your work forward, we will be in touch.

Further information on how we work with authors can be found here.