Thursday, May 23, 2024



Despite our best efforts, every now and then an error will slip through the net. Sometimes we find them, sometimes our readers find them. Any that come to light after publication of book will be listed here.

Should you find any errors in a book you have purchased please let us know so that we can help others.

Worn and Wild by Kerry Lucas

It has been brought to our attention that some earlier copies contain an error in the felted elephant on page 44. Instructions for the head should read as follows:

Now continue with the standard head from row 3 onwards.

The pattern for the lavendar mice also contains a small error on page 27:
Round 8 should read as follows:

DC3, 2DC into next st, DC, 2DC into next st, DTR3tog into the next st, DC2, DTR3tog into the next st, 2DC into next st, DC,2DC into next st, DC (18)