Children’s Books

After a very successful 2017, we are pleased to announce will be publishing an exciting range of children’s books in 2018.

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Current Children’s publications

Below is a list of our current and up-coming children’s publications. Follow the links for further details about each publication.

 ISBN: 978-1-9997429-3-5 
Format: paperback, colour
Size: 165mm x 165mm x 1.4mm, 42g
Publication date: 2018
‘Stripey Enid’ by Natasha Lea

Stripey Enid is someone, a friend, that people can easily relate to because she cannot be pre-judged, she has no particular hair/skin/eye colour, she doesn’t dress a certain way, she is just her.

She provides a way to inspire children and adults alike, to give them a feeling of self- worth and self-belief.

Her story asks the question “Why can’t people see Me and accept Me for who I am”.


Becoming an author with us.

If you have an idea for a craft or theatre related book and would like to investigate getting it published, then we would love to hear form you. To start your journey simply email us at giving basic details of your idea and we will review it and get back  to you. Some basic information of how we work with authors can be found here.

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