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Felix the Fox and his Awesome Odd Socks


Felix The Fox is a yellow fox who wears square glasses and rocks odd socks!

Felix has been made to believe that this isn’t how foxes should be, but he desperately wants to fit in and be the same as everyone else. It is not until he meets a bird with a broken wing and one blue eye that he realises how differences do not make him any less awesome!

A percentage of all sales will go to children’s mental health charities.

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Katie Dodd

About the Author

Katie Dodd

Katie is an ETSY shop owner and a mental health campaigner who is passionate about raising awareness on mental health issues and challenging stigma. Through her ETSY shop she makes a lot of items around mental health and positivity with the aim to make people smile and through her campaigning she works hard to put together projects locally to create conversation around mental health and raise awareness which have been picked up by the media and shared via various platforms, radio and media. Katie has battled mental illness for most of her life and aims to offer hope and inspiration to others to show that things can get better and has spoken publicly about her own journey including on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, radio stations, as part of the lloyds bank #GetTheInsideOut campaign and on her own social media channels, website and via her own memoir In Bloom Not Broken which is a book of her own journey through mental illness. She is passionate about spreading a positive message to children that promotes self acceptance and acceptance of others regardless of differences and to introduce children to positive mental health from a young age.


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