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The Tora Island Adventure


Having banished the rightful heir to the throne along with his brother, the evil Queen Draxa rules Tora Island from her castle in Tora North. Using her dark magic, she controls the ogres that live on the island, and everyone lives in fear.

Unbeknown to the queen, Bubo, a magical talking owl, has opened a portal to a parallel universe to hide a magical scroll. The portal transports Bubo to a small farm in Connecticut, U.S.A, where, after some seemingly harmless events, he enlists the help of two children, Maddie and Jake, to help find the magic quill and defeat Queen Draxa.

Magic, mystery, and epic battles await as they journey around Tora Island on their quest to find the quill. Will they succeed and return the rightful heir to the throne?

Due for release 17th June 2022 – Pre-order your signed copy now!

ISBN: 978-1-9163953-6-7

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Alyy Lavinia O'Leary

About the Author

Hi, my name is Alyy. I am a working mother of two, teenage boys and we live in the small, market town of Banbury.  I love nothing better than to get up in the wee, small hours and write while the rest of world sleeps.  For me, a good day is a happy family and a beautiful sentence. Tora Island Adventure was inspired by a drawing bought in a car boot sale, by my 89 year old father, in Minnesota.


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