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The Trial of Rattenfanger


‘The Trial of Rattenfanger’ is a one act play which uses a range of documentary sources, poetry and verse to explore the story of the Pied Piper. The piece presents possible solutions to the loss of 130 children from the town of Hamelin, Saxony, Germany as charted in the towns scriptures and depicted in the stained-glass window commissioned for Hamelin church in 1300 which was later destroyed by fire.


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Justine Cope

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Request a licence quote License code: B (see price table) Cast: 5 female, 4 male (3 could be male or female) + crowd Availability: Available Scenes: 1 location. Running time: ~ 45 mins

About the Author

Justine Cope is a Creative Arts and Drama Practitioner, Director and Lecturer in Education. Her passion for writing stems from her love of creativity and devising, scripting and directing drama, theatre and arts projects. She works with numerous educational settings and arts organisations to design and deliver creative provision, in addition to being a Creative Director of Fusion Performance Arts, in Staffordshire. Justine has written several award winning One Act Plays for Youth/Young Performers which have been performed as part of The All England Theatre Festival including ‘Scratching the Surface’ and ‘From Ashes to Coals’.


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