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Dick Whittington


Dick and his cat Calico have arrived in London Town, seeking to make their fortune, only to find that they are not welcome. However, Alderman Fitzwarren’s daughter, Alice, persuades her father to give Dick a job, while Calico is taken on to help Tapioca Dripping, the cook, keep marauding rats out of her pantry.

Captain Cockleshell and Salty Swab, the captain and mate of the good ship The Unicorn, arrive to collect their orders for the next trading voyage, only to be tricked out of part of the cargo by Snitch and his rascally band of rats; Dick and Calico, turn the tables, trick the rats and recover the cargo. Phobia, Fitzwarren’s wife, sees Calico’s money making potential and devises a scheme to pay Snitch and his rats to cause mayhem and then she will send in Calico to get rid of the rats in return for a big reward. All she needs is somewhere to try out her little scam – the answer is the rich kingdom of Barbary, exactly where Fitzwarren and his cargo will be heading.

Will Calico cooperate? Will Fitzwarren and his crew escape Black Berry and his pirates? Will Dick foil Phobia’s evil plan and win Alice’s hand? All is revealed in this fun and fast moving tale.

Available for performance from May 2020

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Dimensions 21.6 × 14 × .04 cm



Peter Webster

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Request a licence quote License code: C (see price table) Cast: 4 female, 7 male + chorus. Note some principle parts can be played by men or women depending an availability Availability: Available Scenes: 8 scenes Running time: ~ 2 hours + interval

About the Author

Peter has been an active member of Faringdon Dramatic Society since 1988, acting, directing, set building, front of house - all as part of a brilliant team of like minded people. He first started writing pantomimes in order to provide the Society with scripts which would work well in the rather primitive locations we originally had available to us. He really got the bug and over time has now written eleven pantomimes, ten of which have been premiered locally; much to his delight three of these productions have come first in the annual Oxfordshire Drama Network Pantomime Competition. Latterly he has branched out into one act plays, a challenge of a different order! Peter plans to carry on writing, as there is nothing so satisfying as seeing ones work performed in front of a live (and hopefully appreciative) audience.


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